Australia & New Zealand coming soon!!!

In just 2 weeks I'm going to visit Autralia and New Zealand for my first time; I can't even explain how exited I am for this trip. I'm not planning so much, all I know is that I'm going to be exploring, camping, EATING all the time *.*

35 days in total, 28 days in Australia and 7 days in New Zealand. I know, is not going to be enough and I will need to go back :D

The trip is going to start in Melbourne..a very quick visit to the city and then I'll be heading to Adelaide. From Adelaide I'll drive to Alice Spring to visit the wildest part of Australia, where I'm sure, I will hug-feed-play and fight with a lot of Kangaroos. They are one of the reasons I'm going to see them, yep. 

From Alice Spring the next step is going to be in Perth, West coast. This city to be honest caught my interest just recently, since I'm planning this journey. The surrounding area is going to be my target for wines tasting; Swan Valley is considered one of the hottest viticultural regions in the world and I can't wait to try Cabernet Sauvignon from Margaret River region.

From Perth I will fly to Sydney, spend a couple of days to visit this beautiful city and then visit the Blue Mountains National Park.

Then...Arrivederci Australia.

From Sydney I'll fly to Christchurch, the largest city in the South island of New Zealand. Since I'll stay there for 7 days I decided to visit just the South island, with less population compared to the North island (1/3 circa). All I know is that citizens are known as kiwis an that there are over 30 millions of sheep, 7 per person! So, a lot of sheep means a lot of cheese, I guess I'll be eating all the time since I Just Love them.

I have high expectations since every person that I know and went for vacation fell in love with this country.

From New Zealand I'll fly back to Melbourne for just one day and 35 days and 53267123837 pictures later, I'll be back to LA.



A presto!